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Knowledgeable players from the CIS, who are versed in the gambling industry, bypass any casino that has "Volcano" in its name. However, these establishments still manage to earn large sums of money on the gullibility of inexperienced or simply short-sighted customers. IkVulkan is one of those casinos.

In its advantages, the administration has registered a long history and a good reputation of the Vulkan gaming hall. Everything would be fine, but this site has nothing to do with the original company. This is one of dozens of fakes that fool thousands of gamblers every day. In order not to be unfounded, let's consider the main manifestations of the IkVulkan casino fraudulent strategy.

Illegal activity

Let's start with the most important thing - with the license. Let's say right away that you will not find any information about the permission to conduct activities on the casino website. The reason is simple and banal: IkVulkan simply does not have a license. To receive it, the casino must meet certain criteria. Of course, there can be no question of any correspondence, because the institution even uses its name illegally. Moreover, having a license, it is extremely difficult to conduct fraudulent activities, which would clearly not suit the IkVulkan administration.

To make sure that there is no license, you can simply look for information about it on the site. You won't be able to find anything at all. In addition, you can contact the support service with a request to clarify this issue. We assure you: you will hear florid excuses and "blurred" arguments that will not help you.

Lack of a license is extremely important. An unlicensed casino can be compared to an underground workshop for the production of something. You should not expect high quality from such enterprises. Their main goal is personal enrichment. IkVulkan is not subject to regulatory and other authorities that are called upon to oversee the operation of the casino. They are not audited and do not keep any records. The administration of IkVulkan, without a license, simply cannot incur any punishment. Site blocked? A new one will open. Hundreds of dissatisfied customers leave? They will be replaced by the following players, who surf the internet in search of the original Volcano. The strategy is right and wrong. All that is in your power is to give preference to another casino, thus saving your money.

Fake vending machines

In the slots section, this time the administration describes in detail the advantages of slot machines from certain manufacturers. For example, he explains why Novomatic products are good. And pass again! The slot machines located in the IkVulkan gaming hall have nothing to do with the official developers. All the beautiful texts published on the pages of the site are just dust in the eyes of the players.

Large provider companies do not provide their machines for casino use without a license. To finally verify that the IkVulkan software is fake, you can spend a few minutes of your time studying the source code of the slots. In its lines you will see the addresses of the servers from where the software is loaded. Just check them with the "real" addresses of the developers' servers. Don't be surprised if you see differences in each case. IkVulkan machines are hosted on unknown servers, which are probably the property of this casino.

This means that the entire gameplay is completely programmed by the IkVulkan administration. Do not expect random values ​​from slot machines. Under conditions of random combinations, the client would have a chance to break a good jackpot, and fraudulent casinos are not ready for such expenses. Playing on fakes is meaningless for the player, because it will certainly lead to the loss of all money.

Game scripting

Scripting is the opposite of random combinations. We are talking about peculiar scenarios, according to which the game of each client takes place. The easiest way to cheat a player is to simply make them lose every bet. The problem is that not a single gambler will stay in such a casino for a long time. To incite excitement, the client needs to “throw” small winnings. This is how scripts work. Now the IkVulkan machine will allow you to get a small amount of money, you will believe in success, and after a few minutes it will take everything from you.

With the help of scripts, IkVulkan implements a strategy for underestimating the payout percentage. That is, almost the entire amount that customers deposit on deposits, the institution keeps for itself. You can read about this in the feedback of the players, you can also feel it yourself after a few gaming sessions. There is a stereotype that all gambling establishments work this way. It is not true. For an honest casino, the return rate of 90% is the norm. By the way, IkVulkan in the information on the site speaks of a return of 98%. This is another deception, which, as we see, is commonplace for this institution.

Brand misuse

The fact that the original Vulkan left the CIS market does not mean that its name can be used by other companies. Smart entrepreneurs do this for a reason. There are a lot of positive reviews about the original Vulcan on the net. Inexperienced players start looking for this institution, after which they stumble upon one of the fakes. These fakes call themselves mirrors of the "Volcano", but have nothing to do with the original casino.

Of course it's illegal. But no one can do anything to such institutions. They are not licensed and cannot be held accountable. By stealing someone else's name, the casino makes it clear how it relates to laws, generally accepted norms and rules. Should we expect fair play from this institution? The answer is obvious.


If you have a desire to try your luck at IkVulkan, we advise you to read information about it and other copies of the Vulkan casino on the network before depositing money. You are far from the first player to have this thought. And if a decision is made in favor of IkVulkan, you will not be the first deceived client. We assure you that there are more than a dozen casinos on the Internet that treat their players honestly. Prioritize them.

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