Cybersport is crazy. The cybersportsman opened fire because of a loss

Gambling is not the only thing that evokes strong emotions. It turns out that esportsmen are also blown away. Yes, even worse than casino players. It happened on Sunday, August 26 in Florida, USA.

David Katz lost the qualifier and got so upset he started shooting. As a result, he killed two and wounded 11 people, and then shot himself. At the moment when the player shot, there was a live broadcast on Twitch and shots were heard on the recording.

One of the victims tweeted, "I'm literally very lucky. The bullet hit my thumb." He really can be called lucky. Someone the player shot several times.

After that, it can be argued that gambling is not the most dangerous form of entertainment, even considering gambling addiction. There has been a lot of controversy about the fact that computer games with elements of cruelty over time, as it were, make murders normal. And then the line between reality and the virtual world is erased, and it becomes easier to decide on some terrible act.

Despite the fact that American football was played at the tournament, I think violent games are very common in eSports. It's just kind of crazy. For the umpteenth time, I don’t understand why people definitely need to capture someone else in the next world if they are ready to part with their own lives.

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